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The trick to remotely installing OS X Mountain Lion on a remote Mac

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But it was not quite as slow as we expected, so we are optimistic about giving Migration Assistant another try. As I wrote in the review, in order to boot from a Remote Disc, first you must install the Remote Disc software on the host computer and reboot. From there, you are presented with your hard drive and a drop-down to select a wireless network.

Select yours, enter the password, and wait. The Air will then hopefully display the OS X install disc on the host computer with an arrow underneath it. Click the arrow, and you have begun your remote install journey. To workaround this problem, you would typically need someone physically on-site in front of the computer to click through all of the Setup Assistant screens for you.

At that point, you would finally be able to login remotely again and finish whatever you need to do in terms of configuring that Mac. But there is a trick to doing all of this by yourself remotely. Bring up a new Finder window. You will find those lovely Setup Assistant screens which have taken over that first Mac, and you can very easily click through those screens until you are taken to your familiar Mac desktop again.

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