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PAL resolutions have an odd upper field first ordering. PAL DV resolutions have an even lower field first ordering.

Color Levels For all non-Avid QuickTime codecs, these options allow you to specify whether the file being imported has pixel values that are stored using computer RGB values where the mV video black to video white voltages are mapped using the full range of , 8-bit or ITU-R BT. Failure to do this with current versions of Avid editing applications results in a dramatically slow import and incorrect color levels in the imported element.

Avid Codecs. Alpha: This codec supports alpha channels.

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Beginning with Media Composer 2. Alpha: This codec does not support alpha channels.

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Import a QuickTime movie that has been compressed with this codec into an Avid editing application as DV 25 or DV 50, corresponding to the source. Related Articles Avid Codecs 2.

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