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All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. However, Mac Miller's fans won't let him be so easily dismissed. Supporters pointed to his golden-age style beat choice and loose, relaxed flow -- and one commenter even suggested Miller was the victim of "reverse racism. Absent from the discussion, however, and from the Internet at large in general lately, though, was the frat rap granddaddy of them all, Asher Roth. While Roth certainly wasn't the first suburban kid to rap about partying, he pretty much wrote the mainstream book on the budding subgenre by sampling Weezer and setting his "I Love College" video in a frat house.

Still, we surmised that maybe Roth had been a victim of bad marketing. And, it turns out, he's been in the lab working on a new album. So will it do much to quash the naysaying that followed his first debut?

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The guest star on the first leaked ok not really leaked, legally distributed by publicists track from the album doesn't bode well. It's, yikes, Akon. Instead, the track features a harder boom-bap type of beat with Roth sounding hungrier and more fierce than before. Not a single mention of flip cup here, but a lot more verbal tongue-twisting that sounds a little labored, but whose effort is appreciated.

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Lucky Ass Bitch - Single. Live Albums See All. Live From Space. Appears On See All. Learn How to Watch feat. Into You feat. Happy Days feat. Mac Miller - Single.

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Beautiful Money feat. I'm V. About Mac Miller Though he broke through as a brash teenager, Mac Miller evolved into one of the more thoughtful and surprising rappers of the s.

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BORN 19 Jan Similar Artists See All. That was also when the rapper began using harder drugs. I do struggle with it a bit when I think about it. I guess I always thought that it would be under control.

What Happened? The Misunderstanding of Asher Roth

For Miller, music was a form of connection — to different people, sounds and, often, himself. It featured live instrumentation and funky grooves, was easily his most beatific and optimistic work yet. Swimming , released three months ago, was in the same sonic vein as Divine Feminine , but it marked a step forward. It featured some of the most wrenching and, at times, painfully sad lyrics of his career. But its music, all orchestral swells and swishy keyboards, felt like a clear and cohesive statement from an artist more comfortable than ever in his ambition.

You have to respect that. He was just a supernice dude. Nobody that I know can say anything bad about him. I loved him for real. God bless him. Mac put in the work. Dan says. Miller was aware that, even as he was in the midst of creating each of his artistic statements with his friends and peers, it was he alone who was responsible for his overall legacy. You put so much of yourself into what you do. At this point, I just want my music to be it.

Just go there. As time goes on, people may or may not get the idea.

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All they need to do is listen. Sometimes getting together can help bring closure, or at least a bit of solace. Miller had been booked to appear there for an early stop on his Swimming tour. When he died, his team kept the venue for an opportunity to reflect on his legacy. Paak tells Rolling Stone in the days leading up to the show. Before launching into their song,.

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Paak eulogized his late friend.