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Read More. Reeder supports most RSS feed services; third-party sharing for Pocket, Instapaper, Buffer, and others; a new private browsing mode; and gesture support for the trackpad. Bartender is one of the most popular tools to tidy up your Menubar. Bartender 2 is a visual makeover that goes great with El Capitan, and lets you create a second, custom menubar that is hidden most of the time.

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There are a few neat additions in version two, such as keyboard shortcuts to access the hidden menu, and a new search bar to locate what you want quickly. Read More , and really liked Barsoom.

All for half the price of Bartender. Read More Well, Harry thinks so, and with good reason. OS X One of the most important is Continuity.


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Read More , iPhone, Chrome, and all other platforms, Any. Do finally got a native Mac OS X app this year. There are two aspects that make Any. Do a must-have for Mac users. It integrates with the notification center so you never miss an important update, and it has a menubar icon to quickly add tasks. Do is all about. Here's how. When you take your cursor to the menubar, it slides down to reveal three panels: Use them like you would normally use a clipboard, drop zone, or a notepad.

Unclutter just makes it convenient. It supports Dropbox for backups and I only wish it was free. Use These Instead Now that we've told you why everyone needs Twitter in their lives, here's one more piece of unsolicited advice: Read More , and that extends to the Mac version following the new version released this year. It uses your iOS device and pairs it with your Mac using Bluetooth.

Top 10 Best Free apps: You should Install in Your Mac

Simple, efficient and free. Well, now you can! Mobile data is costly. You could go and stop every app separately, or just grab TripMode. It costs a pretty penny for what it does, but its simplicity would be worth it if you often use mobile data with your Mac. What about you?

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Amphetamine is a free app on the Mac App Store and helps keep your Mac from falling asleep. It has triggers to keep your Mac from sleeping when its connected to power, or when you're on a specific wifi network, or when specific apps are running. Or just on a schedule.

The list goes on and on. Definitely worth a look. Thanks for the great list. Can't live without them.

I have to agree with mik here. Between Yoink and Dropzone, I'd pick Dropzone. What makes you like Yoink more?

The 10 Best Apps For Your New Mac

I've tried Apple music for several weeks and I gotta run back to Google music. It doesn't have the feature bloat that's crept into Photoshop over the last two decades and it's price point is unbeatable: They recently released an iPad version that looks pretty sharp too. RapidWeaver is the veteran on this list. It's been around for a long time and has always been what Apple's failed iWeb should've been: This app might not be new, but the thing is, it keeps getting better and better, and version 6 is outstanding.

With a dead-simple design workflow, gorgeous themes, and enough rich plugins to provide any feature you can dream up, RapidWeaver is a perfect example of why the Mac developer ecosystem simply can't be beat. If you're a sketch artist, SketchBook isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Built by our parent company Autodesk, SketchBook is an app that will delight true artists and newbies alike. The industry-best feature set is huge and powerful, but it avoids any distracting UI clutter so you can focus on your artwork. Offering the features of a full-size design suite in a compact app format, Gravit provides a set of intuitive tools in a streamlined workspace.

Raster and vector effects, as well as path, shape and typography tools, are all at your fingertips for easy creation of complex designs. The best thing about Gravit is that it's a creative tool that's licensed like creative art, using creative commons. Framer is an innovative prototyping application that helps you build interactive mockups of your apps so you can experiment with different types of interaction. You can import your Photoshop, Sketch, or AfterEffects files, then use simple CoffeeScript to create high fidelity, animated prototypes that run on mobile devices. If Framer is a bit too complex for you, try Briefs , a simpler, code-free alternative.

Atom is a powerful text editor built by the folks at GitHub, and it's an open-source system that's "hackable to the core. I use and love Sublime Text , but Atom has me seriously thinking twice about that dedication. Like GitHub, Adobe is gunning to be the standard text editor in your dock. Brackets is a lightweight open-source text editor that puts powerful visual tools in your hands. Inline editors, a live preview and pre-processor support all combine to generate clean design and flawless CSS.

Where Atom and Sublime feel eerily similar, Brackets has some truly unique features that give it a personality all its own. Avocode is meant to be a bridge between designers and developers.

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It helps you take Photoshop mockups and turn them into front end code. You can really dig into a PSD and grab colors, generate code from vector shapes, and export images in a variety of formats. These 15 next-gen Mac applications make me excited about OS X again and where we're headed with the future of design and development software. If you know of any great apps that should be added to the list, leave a comment below. Want to learn more? Download now! Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises. Thanks for sharing this list.

There are apps that I haven't seen before. I would also like to recommend QuickLens http: Would be good to add to this list. Cheers, Pavan. Okay, great, so I'm a print designer who has a beginner-to-intermediate knowledge of CSS. So when I have to design a website, I take a Wordpress theme and customize it pretty heavily. The integration will be manual though, but at least you can design visually.

Nikabrik you might check out some custom WP theme builders like Ultimatum https: Might want to check out Pinegrow. It looks really good! Webflow is far superior to macaw for full site builds, not prototyping. It is far more user friendly and powerful than any of the web design options on here. Check it out. Of course nice set of applications that we all need to be aware of mobile application developers were amidst of so many things which changed the mobile application trends.

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