Clone mac hard drive with dd

You want to RTFM first before trying this, so no further information will be given here. O, why Kali Linux? Because of their cool logo, of course.

Nothing beats their dragon. Ga naar de inhoud. Shut down and replace drive. Go to utilities and run disk utility. Format the new disk if new. Method 3: use dd d isk d ump If you are a techie and know dd , then you might consider this method. Create a bootable Kali stick using the tools above. Power off the iMac.

Copy One Drive to Another Using the dd Command in Linux - Ubuntu

Attached a harddisk docking station to the iMac using USB. Boot the iMac with Kali hold the option key while powering on the iMac.

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Expore the disks using gparted and made a note of the device names. The parted program might be of help:. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Evert Mouw. Evert geeft hier actuele en minder actuele commentaren over informatietechnologie, oude mythen, politiek, zijn persoonlijke belevenissen en wat hij nog meer leuk vindt. Evert heeft een MA politicologie en een MSc medical informatics. Furor Teutonicus is geen blog voor de massa of het grote publiek.

How To Create Disk Image on Mac OS X With dd Command

Een blog hoort af en toe sterke opinies "furor" naar voren te brengen; de meerwaarde zit dan in de kracht van de argumenten en de dynamiek van de resulterende discussie. If you have a cloned hard drive, you can boot from the clone easily and get access to the system in an event of main internal drive boot failure. A drive containing sensitive data is often encrypted using the FileVault to protect it from an unauthorized access. Here, in this article, we will discuss methods to clone an encrypted hard drive on a Mac system.

Two methods can be used to clone an existing hard drive to another drive. One is to use the Disk utility functionality provided in with the Mac OS X and other to use the dd command and clone from the target disk mode. Cloning process involves following three basic steps as listed below:.

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  • Decrypting the drive to be cloned. Making the clone of the drive. Obtain the resultant drive and re-enable the encryption. Using Disk utility to clone the Hard Drive. This process involves using the built-in feature of the Mac OS X.

    macos - OSX create a HDD clone - Super User

    Follow the steps below to clone an encrypted drive:. Connect the drive to the system on which clone is to be done. Boot from the encrypted drive. Open the Disk utility from the Applications. Unlock the encrypted drive from here. Format the target drive with the configuration that is same as the source drive. Restore the contents of the internal drive to the external drive. Shutdown the system and boot from the external drive.

    Go to the System and preferences. Re-enable the encryption here. This completes the cloning process.

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    This method may seem to be too lengthy. Next, we discuss the method that involves the usage of dd command that may seem to be too technical for some users. Before this to happen, you need to boot from the source drive and turn off the encryption as explained in above-mentioned steps. In addition, you need to create a startup drive from where you can access the system and the target and source drives are offline.

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    If the cloning is done using the existing internal drive, you end up in copying the data in an inconsistent state to the clone. This will result in a corrupt clone on the target drive. Then, follow the instructions below:.